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CamGames 1

CamGames 1: CamGames! Enter the game through your camera! games giving you tons of fun and entertainment. Playing games while sitting will be history soon. You can expect much more than that from your games now! Expect the interaction and a truly virtual world. Thanks to CamGames you can be in the very centre of the game! All you need to play CamGame is an internet camera and a lot of energy to keep up with the action on your screen!You can play CamGames with your friends! Hours spent playing this game

Piramidka 1.00: Fun solitaire-like game based on a classical one played with domino blocks
Piramidka 1.00

games, but in this game you won`t be playing using cards but using domino blocks. Game rules were taken from the classical game played using real domino set. Rules of this game have never been officially published and exist only in few summary books. Original game is known under few names but in most cases it`s called Piramidka (that means `pyramid` in Polish). Piramidka, just like others solitaire-like games isn`t too popular among modern computer

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Space Warrior 1.2: A game full of Fun & Excitement : Space Warrior A Space Shooter Game
Space Warrior 1.2

playing this game. There are two modes of playing 1)This is a Quest mode in it your game will drastically change after every Level. 2)This is Keep on Playing mode like old games. In it difficulty level will keep on rising with time lapse. You Can Also get this Game free. For more information download the Demo . Enjoy! Minimum System Requirements 10 MB free disk space Pentium 2 or higher processor 32 MB RAM Space Warrior is a 2D space shooter game

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